Simscribe User Guide

Simscribe User Guide

Simscribe is a network voice and communications capture and replay tool for live, virtual, and constructive (LVC), after-action review (AAR), and game-based training applications. Simscribe captures and replays local Voisus traffic and external DIS traffic.

Example Applications

  • Live radio communications
  • Air, land, and sea simulators
  • Serious Game communications
  • Classroom student/instructor-based training

Key Features

  • Centralized, web-based configuration and management
  • Integrates directly into VBS2/3 in-game recording and playback features
  • Browser-based Simscribe App for simple recording, replay, and bookmarking of key events
  • Custom recordings and playback with filter Options
  • Custom SDK available for integration with other AAR tools
  • DIS interoperability
  • Works with simulated and live radios and intercoms

User Interface Options

  • Browser-based Simscribe App
  • VBS2/3 in-game AAR plugin launches automatically with the game for seamless operation (see Simscribe for VBS in the Voisus Client User Guide.)
  • A Simscribe API and Software Development Kit (SDK) are available. Contact ASTi for details.

Access Simscribe

In the Voisus web interface navbar, click the Simscribe drop-down menu to access Simscribe controls, recordings, and preferences.


  • A scenario must be installed before you attempt to record network traffic.

  • To make a new recording, click the New button and then the Record/Pause button to begin.

  • While recording, mark key events with the "Add Bookmark" feature.

  • When the recording is finished:

    1. Pause the recording.
    2. Click the Save button.
    3. Enter a recording name.
    4. Select or deselect the optional "Append Date and Time" checkbox.


To play back a recording, click the Load button and select the file of your choice.

  • Use the controls on the Simscribe control page to play/pause, fast-forward, and rewind the recording.

  • To listen to playback audio, use a Voisus software client to tune in to the specific nets you wish to listen to. To download a software client, click "Download Clients" under the wrench drop-down menu in the navbar.


The Recordings page lists all the saved recordings on the Voisus server.

Use the wrench drop-down menu to transfer recording files between the Voisus server and your local computer.

  • Download Archive: Select logs and click the Download button to create a compressed archive (TGZ) file that is downloaded to your local computer.

  • Upload: Select an archived log file to upload to the Voisus server. If you experience difficulty uploading large Simscribe files (2GB or greater), contact ASTi for assistance.

  • Download WAV File: Converts network audio recordings to WAV files. The downloaded file can be separated into individual WAV files by Net or by Radio.


  • Allow VBS control will open an additional TCP port that is used to accept control commands from the VBS Simscribe plugin. When this option is disabled, VBS in-game control of Simscribe will not function. See Simscribe for VBS in the Voisus Client User Guide for more details.

  • Enable Simscribe DIS replay will broadcast Simscribe playback through the DIS gateway.