Voisus 101

Voisus 101

Welcome to Voisus, ASTi's networked audio and communications solution for simulation and training environments. Voisus features high-fidelity simulated radios and intercoms, speech recognition and text-to-speech, environmental sound generation, network traffic record-and-replay, and live-to-virtual radio bridging over local and DIS networks.

Powerful Tools for Effective Training

Voisus is a family of networked, modular products designed for flexibility and scalability. Voisus capabilities include:

Scalable and Interoperable Features

Voisus platform's robust features combine seamlessly and scale to meet the needs of large and small exercises alike. Client operators connect wherever there is access to the network. Automated environmental sounds and radio traffic increase exercise realism and relieve busy instructors. Live radios are bridged to the network, linking live and virtual domains. Network traffic is recorded and then replayed for after-action review.

Basic System Architecture

The Voisus server is dedicated to heavy simulation processes and extends the powerful ASTi radio environment. It features a DIS interface and a network link to Voisus software and hardware clients.

This diagram illustrates the basic Voisus system architecture with software clients. Voisus's network-centric architecture is highly scalable; simply connect more client positions to the IP network and centrally manage using the Voisus web interface. Client-based operators can be located wherever there is access to the network.

Voisus Web Interface

Centrally configure and manage the Voisus server and clients with the Voisus web interface. The web interface is remotely accessed via web browser on any PC on the same network as the Voisus server. Reference the Getting Started guide for instructions.

Configuration and Management

Use the Voisus web interface configuration and management tools to:

  • Monitor CPU, Memory, and Network Performance
  • Monitor clients and radios
  • Discover other Voisus servers on the network
  • Configure network settings
  • Manage Users
  • Back up and restore the Voisus server


There are five apps available on the Voisus platform.