There is no audio coming from the ACENet device, what should I check? Can I connect my ASTi system directly to the ACU2 and ACE-RIU? Can I Plug Normal Things into Power-over-Ethernet Switches? I use to have your Crown® amplifiers, but I recently switched to you Ashly™ amplifiers. What do I need to know? Can I use a hub instead of a Switch? Can I connect a router between my ASTi system and the ACENet audio device route ACENet packets over a WAN? Can I daisy chain switches together to extend the distance from the ASTi system to the ACENet audio device (i.e. ACU2/ ACE-RIU)? If a Crown amplifier is present on ACENet, will it support more than one Telestra system? Can ASTi provide advice and recommendations for speaker cable, and do you have any specific “dos” and “don'ts” related to speaker cable?

Ethernet Switches

I have a large switch (48 ports for example) and would like to use part of that switch for ACENet. Is that feasible? Can I use VLAN tagging within ACENet? My switch can be configured to run various advanced protocols such as: 802.1p, 802.1q, port priority, spanning tree, etc. Can I use these protocols? Are they required? Do you have a list of approved switches that have been tested by ASTi? Can I connect my ACU2 and ACE-RIU to the same ACENet switch? Can my Ethernet switch run at 10 or 100Mbps?

ACENet and Telestra

The following FAQs apply to ACE software versions 4.17 and later. ACE software versions 4.17 and later work exclusively with ACENet devices that have firmware version 2.x. ACE software versions 4.16 and prior require firmware version 1.x. All devices sharing a local ACENet must have the same firmware version.

Can multiple Targets co-exist on an ACENet network? Can multiple Targets share channels on an ACENet device? Why does my ACENet device have a 'Channel reservation error'? Is there a limit on the number of ACENet devices that can exist on the ACENet network? What effect does the number of ACENet devices have on the Target's real-time CPU loading? My ACENet device channels have valid digital/analog I/O, but there is no audio I/O. What is wrong? I received an error while upgrading my ACENet firmware, what does this mean? While trying to upgrade the firmware on a single ACENet device it repeatedly fails. This ACENet device also happens to be the conductor (denoted by the green star next to the device in RMS). There are several ACENet devices attached to a Target while no project is currently running. What is wrong? What is a Device Number? Why does my ACENet device have a 'Duplicate Device Number' error? There is no audio coming from the ACENet device. What should I check? (Telestra) What is the typical ACENet latency time for voice transmission? What are the main differences between the ACU2 and the ACE-RIU?