Telestra FAQs

What does that T4H part number mean? How do I set DIS Entity Attach in ACE Studio How is ASTi planning for obsolescence issues and long-term support on major programs? How can I test the Telestra's memory if my system is acting up? What are the effects of the background noise environment when taking spectral plots for Level D certification? How can I change my DIS settings to meet DMO Requirements? How do I install/upload a Telestra Options File to the system? There is no audio coming from the ACENet device. What should I check? (Telestra) Can I use the Studio Development Workstation or VM as a stand-alone development platform? Can I use more than one source for host control? (Example: Instructor host system and simulation host system with separate IP addresses) What is the typical ACENet latency time for voice transmission? What are the main differences between the ACU2 and the ACE-RIU? What format do my sound files need to be? How do I connect intercom busses across multiple Targets? Can I save money by supplying my own server? Are Telestra and Voisus DIS compliant?


How can I tell what packages are installed on the system? How can I check a particular package's changelog to see if a patch is installed? I can’t log into my Telestra Target, Telestra Studio, or Voisus Server platform. How can I reset my account? Previously: My account is locked, what can I do? The OS keeps rejecting my password. What do I need to do?


Can multiple Targets co-exist on an ACENet network? Can multiple Targets share channels on an ACENet device? Why does my ACENet device have a 'Channel reservation error'? Is there a limit on the number of ACENet devices that can exist on the ACENet network? What effect does the number of ACENet devices have on the Target's real-time CPU loading? My ACENet device channels have valid digital/analog I/O, but there is no audio I/O. What is wrong? I received an error while upgrading my ACENet firmware, what does this mean? While trying to upgrade the firmware on a single ACENet device it repeatedly fails. This ACENet device also happens to be the conductor (denoted by the green star next to the device in RMS). There are several ACENet devices attached to a Target while no project is currently running. What is wrong? What is a Device Number? Why does my ACENet device have a 'Duplicate Device Number' error?