DACS App Note

RIU/AIU/DDI Rackmount Bracket Specifications (#42)

All measurements given here are in inches, and are accurate to the nearest 1/16" (0.0625").

Front View

Rackmount Bracket Front View
Enlargement of Rackmount Hole
Rackmount Hole
Enlargement of RIU/AIU Mounting Space
Mounting Space

Side View

Rackmount Bracket Side View

Top View

Rackmount Bracket Top View

Installing RIU/AIU into Rackmount Bracket

  1. Remove and retain screws near bottom of faceplate.
  2. Remove faceplate with white printing.
  3. Remove plastic bezel surrounding faceplate. Retain this plastic piece for re-installation if RIU/AIU is removed from the rackmount bracket.
    Face Plate
  4. Using original screws, attach faceplate to front of mounting bracket. Attach body of RIU/AIU to rear of mounting bracket, as shown here.