ASTi RIU Specifications

Note: The RIU is a legacy hardware component of ASTi's DACS audio and communications simulation system.

Audio Inputs (per channel)
Input Impedance: > 10 kOhm, Balanced
Input Level: +/- 2.25V peak max
Input Gain: User configured 0-60 dB
Audio Outputs (per channel)
Output Impedance: Balanced
Output Level: +/- 2.25V peak max
Output Power: 1W RMS into 8 Ohm bridged load, 250mW into 8 Ohm single ended
Digital Inputs
Quantity: One per audio channel
Configuration: 2 pins each audio connector (ground and sense pin)
Digital Outputs
Quantity: One per audio channel
Configuration: Opto-Isolated, 120mA, 2 pins on each audio connector
Serial Ports
Quantity: Two
Type: RS-422
Connection: Standard RJ12 Jack (6 pin)
TDM Ring
Connection: Standard RJ45 Jacks (8 pin)
Approximate Size: 5.5"W x 1.5"H x 7.5"D
Mounting: Desktop, 19" rackmount kit available
Power: +5VDC, 1.1A max, fuse protected (plug-in AC/DC converter supplied with each unit)
Audio Connection: 9 pin female sub-min "D" (1 audio input/output and 1 digital input/output each connector)
TDM Ring: Maximums - 300 ft. length, 14 RIUs/ring, 24 operators/ring
TDM Cabling: Standard 4 pair, Category 5 twisted pair network cable