4.6-1 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Apr 16, 2008

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.0

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 1.15


  • Support for the Terrain and Propagation Loss interface in the radio-modeling environment.
  • Added password protection to setting IP addresses of Targets in RMS.
  • Added the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® version to the RMS System Status page.
  • Added the Pfilter component.
  • Support for remotely driving the Target using SSH instead of XML-RPC.


  • Renamed the “Hosts” link in RMS to “Targets.”
  • Fixed the “Save As” feature in ACE Studio Project Viewer and Load pop-up message box.
  • Fixed the Radio Monitor in ACE Target viewer.
  • Fixed the marking field entity attach associated with the DIS ID values of the entity with the radios DIS ID.
  • Support for proper bit handling in the HostOut component.
  • Fixed login terminals for ACE realtime.
  • Fixed the RIUchannel component to display the correct number of channels in the pull-down list.
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