4.7-1 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: May 19, 2008

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.0

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 1.15


  • Added a site host by IP checkbox and the ability to configure the site and host IDs on a per domain basis in the Domain helper.
  • Added the new Receiver, TransmitterRCU, and Network Intercom RCU components.
  • Added host control for DIS parameters.


  • In the ACE radio environment, fixed the frequency hopping extensions in the transmitter PDU.
  • Fixed the Target “localhost” identifier.
  • Improved the speed for service viewers.
  • Fixed the HaveQuick issues in the ACE radio environment.
  • Improved the switch function in the Math Plan component.
  • Improved the modulation parameters length for SINCGARS and Frequency Hopping.
  • Fixed an internal RMS error that was causing the RMS ACU page to crash.
  • Improved the Radio helper.
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