4.16-32291 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Apr 27, 2009

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.2

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 1.18

Note: Projects created using 4.16+ software do not work with earlier ACE releases. Projects created in earlier versions can be edited and run in 4.16.


  • Update the OS to RHEL version 5.3.
  • Set default values for radio transmitter PDUs for Radio Entity Type Record, Entity Kind and Category fields.
  • Added a DIS waveform mapping (in text mode only).
  • Added LS-653 State Machine left and right selection.
  • Added name PDU support on transmit side of ACE.
  • Enhanced ACE Scope for usability including 1/3rd octave view, band select realtime values, and snapshot with delta values.
  • Added Project Management across multiple Targets with enhancements to RMS for support.
  • Added the ability to open the Target URL directly in Studio.
  • New notes section displayed in RMS Options page.
  • Enhanced ACE Readiness utility.
  • Added test mode display for host packets to RMS health system.
  • Added a component count by type to the component reporting in RMS.
  • Added an Unknown Packet Count to the ACENet health system in RMS.
  • Added HLA DACS option to Telestra.
  • Added a custom component filter.
  • Added CFI memory monitoring.
  • Added symbolic information to btree pool messages.
  • Added the following new components:
    • Audio/ Compressor
    • Host Control/ TestIn
    • Host Control/ TestOut
    • Program Specific components


  • Fixed Crown Amp identifier for custom naming.
  • Fixed serial port failure after power cycling ACENet devices.
  • Improved Studio network interface for running on a Telestra platform.
  • Fixed Math Plan table functions to clamp at the last output value.
  • Fixed HostOut to stop sending packets after the model is stopped.
  • Improved transmitter and receiver bandwidth effect modeling.
  • Fixed radios for reaqcuiring reception after transmission when receiving a continuous signal.
  • Added a notify target check box to the Math Plan for changing values on the fly.
  • Fixed Domain Editor for use with HLA.
  • Fixed Transceiver to automatically tune to 59 MHz when in SINCGARS mode with a non-zero Net ID.
  • Added multicast support for host packets.
  • Improved RMS system log formatting.
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