4.20-34702 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Sep 21, 2009

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.3

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.3

New version in this release

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.1.0
Linux v1.1.0

New version in this release


  • Integrated Voisus into the health system.
  • Added Voisus configuration and implemented Voisus Studio GUI design.
  • Added pull-down bar for setting Big Endian in host interface component.
  • Added the ability to backup Projects as text only in RMS.
  • Added an 'Add to offset' feature in HostIn and HostOut components, which allows negative numbers.
  • Added support for ARC-210 scanning.
  • Added the ability to sort models in the tree view of the load viewer and sort signal names in a connector as well.
  • Voisus client enhancements.
  • Added the title to Spectral Analysis pdf generation.
  • Added 16kHz PCM for Record and Replay.
  • Added the "Archive Recordings" functionality in RMS.
  • Added ORTT Record and Replay Python Scripts for testing.
  • Added overall Health System visibility in RMS.
  • Added Voisus support for shared radios.
  • Determined the optimum default headset settings on Voisus client side.
  • Added new Voisus icons for graphical layout.
  • Display Voisus Download page in RMS.
  • Added delta average to Spectral Analysis pdf generation.
  • Added additional commands for "ace-user" command line interface.
  • Changed the RMS spectral analysis plot generation capabilities for stand-alone or comparison plots.
  • Additions to the ACU2 Channel Helper.
  • Removed extra services running on Target to optimize the realtime environment.
  • Tuned TCP settings for realtime system.
  • Added support for byte sequences to and from serial ports (MIDI control via ACENet devices).
  • Added RMS page for Text-to-Speech.
  • Added the following new components:
    • EnvCue/ MultiFilter
    • EnvCue/ 5BandFilter
    • IOInterfaces/ ACE_RIU_SerialByteOut
    • IOInterfaces/ ACU2_SerialByteOut
    • IOInterfaces/ VoisusChannel
    • P8/ CommPanel_inst (Program Specific)
    • P8/ RCUarc210 (Program Specific)
    • Radio/ HfServer
    • Test/ AudioAnalyzer
    • Test/ WallClock


  • Fixed Voisus Helper and Radio Helper to assign the Comm Panel as needed.
  • Fixed serial port communication failure over long runtimes in 2.3 firmware for ACE-RIU and ACU2.
  • Added a Vox trigger delay feature for spurious signal triggers in the Vox component.
  • Added an editable default Crown Amp ID for all devices.
  • Fixed audio glitch from Crown amp when using Studio with large models.
  • Fixed the intermittent endpointer error related to Speech Recognition capabilities.
  • Improved Telestra clocking issues when there is not a connected ACENet device.
  • Fixed the maximum length setting in the Record Replay component.
  • Fixed the TSR data loss on a playback for Record Replay.
  • Added Crown Amp hardware mapping file to RMS Backup and Restore.
  • Added a status indicator for RMS firmware uploads.
  • Fixed missing HLA information that occurred after a Domain Helper edit.
  • Fixed Domain Helper exception error that occurred if the project's DIS server interface was set to loopback.
  • Changed the Sound file library editor soundfile 'delay' field units to seconds.
  • Added an 'Active' flag as an output to the VOX component.
  • Fixed audio glitches in RMS that occurred with larger models.
  • Fixed Helper generated model log file errors and warnings that occurred during install.
  • Fixed ACU2 Helper (and other ACENet Device Editors) to only allow the selection of a single Target.
  • Table XY now has table-sorting capabilities.
  • Fixed the 3D Highway service crashing that occurred after making links to models with multiple feeders.
  • Fixed various Voisus issues.
  • Fixed Voisus Windows client issues.
  • Fixed the XML-RPC calls that block the realtime.
  • Fixed the 'Lost Beat Packets' field in the RMS Health system.
  • Fixed the ACU2 appearance in the RMS Health system.
  • Updated the ASTi test framework.
  • Added a RMS Health system message to Record Replay when the Target runs out of disk space on /var.
  • Fixed HLA debug mask bug.
  • Fixed rsync log message syntax errors.
  • Fixed ACU2 LED indicators.
  • Standardized Voisus Windows and Linux clients.
  • Fixed Text-to-Speech error reporting.
  • Fixed Voisus model.
  • Fixed hard drive blinking light.
  • Fixed RMS Restore to work with files with spaces in the name.
  • Fixed SELinux error when loading Linux Voisus GUI.


  • Verified that two versions of the Radius work with Voisus.
  • Modified the AutoDRED component to use pink noise.
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