4.23-35388 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Jan 27, 2010

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

New version in this release

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.4

New version in this release

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.1.0
Linux v1.1.0


  • Added an ACU2 output gain setting change resulting in new firmware.
  • Added ILS Pause to the Morse Keyer component.
  • Added the ability to import Excel CSV ICD directly into ACE.
  • Combined the VORTAC_Controller and dual keyers to form a single component called Colocated_Beacon.
  • Added a new Dynamics component group.
  • Improved Voisus clock skew compensation on the Target side.
  • Added Codebuilder support.
  • Added a 'validate commplan names' feature to Comm Plan.
  • Added the ability for Studio to resolve Target addresses and display the status in the project selector.
  • Added a DACS math conversion script.
  • Added a DACS sound library import script
  • Added a tools menu to ACE Studio.
  • Added Voisus support for Plantronics SHS2355 USB-PTT.
  • Added support for RHEL 5.4.
  • Added Speech Recognition host test script to Studio and Target.
  • Added USB error detection for Voisus.
  • Added Automatic Gain Control (AGC) capability for boosting low signal level audio for network streams.
  • Added changes for auto-building Linux and Windows Voisus Clients.
  • Added the ability for Voisus Fill information to update when new Fill packets arrive.
  • Added a check for empty net names in the Fill for Voisus.
  • Added a required login for access to perform RMS actions.
  • Added the randomize parameter to the Playsound component.
  • Added a warning prior to auto-installing the model in the RMS Update Device Name page.
  • Added a viewer for Voisus Client connection status.
  • Added missing icons to Studio's "Add" window.
  • Added filtering for incoming packets on Voisus Clients.
  • Added affinity/prefetch settings to RMS backup utility.
  • Added the following new components:
    • Audio/SimpleMixer
    • Dynamics/AGC
    • Dynamics/CompressorLimiter
    • Dynamics/Expander
    • Dynamics/Gate
    • Radio/ColocatedBeacon
    • CommPanel/CommPanel8Stereo


  • Improved Scope comparison view for moving average.
  • Improved ASTiNet audio samples.
  • Improved Lag function(s) for use with navigational aids.
  • Removed invalid 'Channel Helper' channels from selection in the 'Hardware Helpers'.
  • Fixed functionality for terrain server propagation.
  • Fixed Mathplan editor to not allow two identically named functions in the same group.
  • Improved Sine wave generation.
  • Fixed HostIn component for changing a variable's type from ident to something else.
  • Fixed Transceiver tune tone logic.
  • Improved RT CPU processing when unused ACENet devices are attached.
  • Improved Morse Keyer component timing.
  • Optimized Radio Monitor to reduce excessive CPU loading.
  • Fixed Voisus error message: length_error in _S_create.
  • Fixed hidden memory allocation function calls in CFI plugins.
  • Fixed Voisus for double-linked lists.
  • Fixed Morse Keyer for ActiveTx during ident tone.
  • Fixed HostIns and XPoint errors.
  • Fixed MarkerTone component indent timing.
  • Improved Voisus Target side Rx buffer.
  • Improved DACS host import script for multiple files.
  • Fixed "VoisusStub.dll not found" error.
  • Fixed IntercomTransceiver tune tone.
  • Fixed exception on Studio from invalid errcode.
  • Fixed codebuilder error for "vcglayout".
  • Fixed RxInterference for jamming.
  • Fixed 'Voisus Info' in Radio Helper which allowed you to select more nets than are available in the fill.
  • Improvements to Voisus WinXP (32bit) for headset disconnects, launching multiple clients, and network settings verification.
  • Improved Voisus clients for assets with invalid fills.
  • Removed the ability for RMS to use invalid Target hostnames.
  • Fixed RMS Upload Log File error messages.
  • Fixed Voisus Client editor issues.
  • Fixed Voisus GUI asset label.
  • Fixed Voisus sidetone for transmit on shared radio.
  • Removed Satcom Server option.
  • Fixed Voisus error for "/tmp/voisus.ip Permission Denied."
  • Fixed MarkerTone component for idents click.
  • Fixed MarkerTone component selectors to use 'add' instead of 'multiplier' on the modifier.
  • Fixed TestOut to work without TestIn.
  • Removed an extraneous variable in the Gate primitive.
  • Changed display names for Balancer16's gains 9-16.
  • Changed Scope default period from 11ms to 100ms.
  • Fixed the NoiseSource component so that the outgain takes effect when the filter is off.
  • Fixed the ScanTransceiver's tune tone logic.
  • Fixed Host Export Utility for setting HostOut packets to RX.
  • Fixed Radius PTT to work with Windows Voisus Client.
  • Improved multi-telestra layouts.
  • Adjusted Voisus model-building code for Channel/Radio Helper.
  • Improved Voisus Windows Client PTT logic for responsiveness.
  • Fixed TSR file bug that occurred when trying to convert and normalize a TSR file that is entirely 0s.

MarkerTone Enhancements May Cause Compatibility Issues

ACE 4.23 software release contains two enhancements for the Radio/MarkerTone component which are not fully backward compatible with existing models. MarkerTone components used in models created in software versions prior to 4.23 will not operate correctly on a 4.23 or later software release.

Part I MarkerTone Modifier

The modifier for this variable was changed from "multiplication" to "addition" which allows the component to work using default settings. The marker ident selector input (previously called "Number") was changed to the more descriptive "IdentIndex".

Use the following procedure to use your Radio/MarkerTone components with 4.23 or later software.

  1. Open your Load Viewer and go to each folder in your model which has a MarkerTone component.
  2. Select the "Links" tab, and you should see one red entry with a Destination Var of "Number" for each MarkerTone component in the folder.
  3. Note the Source, Source Var, and Destination.
  4. Recreate this link using the Link Editor (i.e. middle-click on the Source component) but this time, the Destination Var (called "Signal" in the Link Editor) should be "IdentIndex" instead of "Number."
  5. Return to the "Links" tab in the Load Viewer and right-click and delete the red link.
  6. One final but optional change (for each MarkerTone) is to right-click and delete the InitVar for the "Number_modifier_mul" which will also be red in the "InitVars" tab. The component will operate correctly with the obsolete/red InitVar, but it will look better with the update.

Part II MarkerTone Timing

In software releases prior to 4.23, the inter-character timing for the Radio/MarkerTone component was normal Morse keyer timing (i.e. 3 dot gaps between ident characters) instead of the correct marker tone timing (i.e. 1 dot gap between ident characters and 2 after the last ident character).

To prevent possible problems with the operation of a Radio/MarkerTone component in an existing model (software versions prior to 4.23), a new boolean input called "StrictTiming" was added to the Radio/MarkerTone component. This input defaults to True which selects the shorter inter-character gaps which are correct for a Radio/MarkerTone component. Setting the boolean "StrictTiming" to False will cause the component to use the relaxed Morse keyer timing which was used in software releases prior to the 4.23 software release.

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