4.24-35816 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Mar 22, 2010

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.6

New version in this release

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.2.0
Linux v1.2.0

New version in this release


  • Added support for headset mic and earpiece to operate on separate mixers in Voisus Windows.
  • Added Hand Held Terminal (HHT) Net Number to Frequency definition shortcut feature into Telestra product suite. The ASTi HHT features shortcut keys used to enter radio frequency values. This 'speed dial' feature allows users to enter a one to three digit 'Net' number to set radio frequencies (in Hertz). Configuration is performed thru a single INI file within ACE Studio. Refer to ASTi documentation and the DLG1_netmap.ini file for details on this feature.
  • Added the ability to define a Local Radio inside the Transceiver component.
  • Added information for reporting host interface settings and configuration in the RMS Health system.
  • Voisus clients now display a useful error message when there are connection issues to the Target allowing the user to easily resolve the problem.
  • Voicing effects added to the Transceiver component to better match the sound qualities of real radios. The effects include bandwidth modification and an adaptive, configurable distortion. The effects are enabled in the Comm Plan's waveform section and affect the transmit audio and, optionally, the sidetone audio.
  • Improved the audio quality of the Voisus system by implementing intelligent buffering to withstand harsh network environments.
  • Reduced the ACENet round-trip latency.
  • Improved and reorganized the Studio toolbar.
  • Moved Voisus networking to a non-realtime daemon. This decreases realtime loading due to large numbers of Voisus operators.
  • In Studio under adding servers, enhanced and cleaned up the list of options.
  • In Studio, added Wireshark under Applications > Internet.
  • Control/IntTable and Feeders/BalancerN components now display arrays with 1-based indexing rather than 0-based indexing.
  • Added the ability to monitor a core list of device variables on the ACE-RIU and ACU2 in RMS.
  • Voisus Clients now come preloaded with headset settings for the ASTi Radius as well as the Plantronics USB headsets. Users can easily toggle between the presets in the 'Headset Settings' window in the Voisus Client. Headset settings can be further customized by the user.
  • Moved the VORTAC Controller component's busy flag connections to the 'Filter View' because these are required for proper operation of the VOTAC Controller.
  • Added the ability to detect if a CPU has cache prefetch disabled from the Health System. The prefetch setting is located under:
    Top > Platform Info > Processor > Core # > MSR Features
    ASTi recommends disabling prefetch for most applications. Processor Cores that are not using prefetch will be listed as having Prefetch Disable: (Enabled).
  • Adjusted the ace-realtime.ini defaults for the majority of customer configurations.
  • Improved the order of the RMS Health, Waveform-Mapping presentation.
  • Added a timestamp to the 'Install OK' message in the Project Viewer Log.
  • Optimized the Voisus Server to reduce system loading and to increase the number of operators per server.
  • Added a dacs-style integer lookup to Iparm.


  • Fixed crash of real-time when a MathFunction with a Table function is driven with a NAN or INF float32/float64 value.
  • In the Sound Library, fixed the soundfile playback of non-buffered sounds.
  • Changed the Sound Library Editor default buffering mode to "bysize."
  • Changed the sound.ini default values for improved functionality.
  • Improved the RMS Health system to report when you exceed the sound xpool buffer memory allocation.
  • Removed the Project Manager "Save As" option and replaced it with "Duplicate Project" option.
  • Fixed error that occurred in ACENet device conductors for use in the ACE Studio layout.
  • Added fields to the Rx Gain section of the Comm Plan allowing On/Off control for various propagation effects. The new controls are:
    • Ranging (R-squared losses, also called first Fresnel Zone effects)
    • Occulting (loss due to the curvature of the earth)
    • Path Loss Request (sends requests to an external server)
    • HF Request (sends requests specifically for HF propagation effects)
  • Added a way to report DIS Domain mapping conflicts to the RMS Health System.
  • Fixed the host in values which were retaining the original name in the connectors after being renamed.
  • Improved Voisus queue handling.
  • Fixed ASTiNet domain issues that were causing audio glitches on networked radios.
  • Changed the Playsound component's GroupID to an a-rate input (previously was k-rate). This fixes an issue where sometimes sounds would not play when the model reloads and also allows the host to simultaneously set the sound index and group.
  • Voisus Linux clients no longer experience spurious headset disconnect/reconnect actions.
  • Added a warning for adding a new layout using the same name as an existing layout in ACE Studio.
  • Added improved internal testing for Speech Recognition.
  • Added logic for the TTS daemon to send a "speech finished" message to the host.
  • Added the ability to separately route different types of ASTiNet traffic.
  • TTS daemon error messages in the health system and logs were improved to provide more information about the problem. This includes errors from not having voice RPMs installed and invalid values received from the host.
  • Changed the CompressorLimiter component's limiter threshold.
  • Fixed Terrain server memory allocation issues.
  • Improved stability of the scope's signal view.
  • Updated several components' extension formats.
  • Changes made in Radio Helper are removed when 'Cancel' is pressed.
  • Improved the stability of the RMS System Status page display.
  • Added a fix for when a Transmitter is powered off, an in-tune receiver's RxActive and RxAudioActive go False.
  • Added networking statistics for Voisus clients to the Health System. Network information can be found in 'Voisus Networking/' and buffering information can be found in 'ASTi Realtime/Voisus Operators'.
  • Fixed logic that would sometimes prevent the user from deleting fill or net groups from the commplan.
  • Changed the Sound Library to prevent an index of 0 from being entered.
  • Hostnames are now allowed in all server fields.
  • Removed Voisus Linux client spacebar PTT hotkey hiccup.
  • Added RMS Health system tweaks for various sound files.
  • Added a prompt for saving the Readiness layout when closing the project.
  • Added matplotlib plotting package to Studio and Target.
  • Remove ASTi specific DNS settings that occurred during Studio and Studio VM creation.
  • Removed the 'NetOut' field from the RCUBasic component.
  • Removed an unnecessary RMS health system error that occurred when ACE-RIU 'AudioInGain' is 0.
  • Updated the 'ace-create-mirror' to support 'Workstation' packages.
  • Updated ACU2 firmware to align ACU2 input gains with the ACU input gains.
  • Updated the Voisus client IP address selector for filtering out IPv6 addresses.
  • Voisus client log file is no longer filled with 'Resynced Capture Buffer' messages during long transmissions. Audio from the microphone is no longer dropped removing unwanted artifacts.
  • Disable Windows Voisus from playing after it is disconnected.
  • Fixed Receiver primitive so it no longer retains stale World Position information.
  • Restored RecordReplay functionality.
  • Cleaned up Voisus client Log displays.
  • Improved Voisus USB headset and radius error detection.
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