4.26-36241 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: May 24, 2010

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.6

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.4.2
Linux v1.4.2


  • Added Peak Limter to the AmpOut component.
  • Added SR Test Framework enhancements.
  • Revised the SR host packet format and consolidate the code that parses it.
  • Load Viewer now opens by double-clicking on the Target icon in Studio.
  • Changed the speech recognition daemon.
  • Improves bounds checks in table_execute mathplan functions.
  • Added the Audio Pulse Stream component.
  • Added Voisus updates for VBS2.
  • Added Voisus Target loading enhancements.
  • Added support for dynamic connections to Voisus.
  • Added the ability to allow configuration of DHCP client IDs on Targets.
  • Integrated Voisus with VBS2.
  • Added Wireshark radio family PDU decoders.
  • Integrated the VBS2 GUI into Voisus build.
  • Added a new Control PassThrough component.
  • Added the ability to add Feeders components to Sim models.
  • Reordered the World Positions in the radio details.
  • Added support for more than 4 ASR streams per Target.
  • Added additional Host Controls for ASR.


  • Fixed RCEANPS memory leak.
  • Fixed the Satellite component for forwarding audio and other fixes.
  • Fixed radio sidetone behavior.
  • Fixed the cloning model feature in the project viewer.
  • Improved DACS conversion for Bits8.
  • Fixed the HostOut to allow the ability to link a variable to the HostOut more than once.
  • Fixed SR assertion failure.
  • Fixed SR for options file differences that may cause errors.
  • Fixed Crown Amplifier configuration for multi-Target cases.
  • Corrected component cache issue that could cause invalid links in the first install after a coldstart.
  • Fixed the Audio AmpMod component 'filter' postion in the signal path.
  • Added a fix for when changing the Name, DomainName, or Protocol ID of the Satellite when a radio is in-tune.
  • Fixed ACE-RIU glitch.
  • Fixed HostOut message length control.
  • Removed support for ASTi format SR grammars and updated Project Manager to match.
  • Various improvements for DACS conversion.
  • Fix for when Target thinks there is a project but none exists.
  • Removed the ablility to make invalid links in the Target viewer.
  • Improved RMS status for speech recognition.
  • Added a fix to the radio satcom tuner for discriminating between satcom sub-modes.
  • Added Commplan Editor improvements.
  • Improved Speech recognition grammar selection.
  • Added a fix to allow commas in the description field of a HostIn or Out.
  • Improved ARC-210 scanning pathloss requests.
  • Improvements for importing DACS Sound Library.
  • Removed the ALC configuration for World Positions in the Radio Helper.
  • Added the "Add Crypto Group" button to the Sound Repository GUI.
  • Fixed internal type conversion for "mask" control values when driven from a Boolean.
  • Fixed the Transceiver for using a net number of 0 to power off the Transceiver.
  • Improved Radio Monitor to show crypto enable status.
  • Fixed the HHT software for displaying 12 characters.
  • Fixed the DIS Gateway Editor pathloss address, it now saves properly.
  • Fixed the host interface helper to have a default blank group name.
  • Fixed the Playsounds for re-triggering when the group is zero and the index changes.
  • Added 100Hz downsample option to Vibration Analysis.
  • Fixed TTS and SR host connections to work over localhost.
  • Added a fix for using 'localhost' with DHCP which resulted in extra entries in /etc/hosts.
  • Added a fix for the RMS header to display the active hostname.
  • Fixed the TTS/SR license file upload form.
  • Changed the Incrementer to accept int32 input.
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