4.27-36459 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Jul 26, 2010

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.6

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.6.6-36459
Linux v1.6.6-36459

New version in this release


  • Added descriptive text in empty 'value' fields to instruct users to make a selection for the field.
  • Added support for multiple radios in the Voisus VBS2 GUI.
  • Voisus VBS2 Plugin now has an improved installation process.
  • Various Voisus VBS2 Enhancements.
  • Added the DIS Version to interface section of DIS Gateway File.
  • Added [ESC] key press to close the window for ID Editor, Connector, Bus, Link Editor, Global Link Editor, Model Add, and Component Add windows.
  • The Voisus Operators health entry in RMS is now always visible regardless of the user's selection for "Show Detail".
  • Voisus Targets now listen for Voisus client connections on all network interfaces.
  • ACE Studio Import DACS Host Controls tool now supports IDENT types.
  • Voisus clients now support Radio Crypto tones. Clients will now play any crypto or related radio effects.
  • The Voisus Client Editor in ACE Studio now auto-fills the default Voisus client port (35551).
  • Added an auto-hide function to the Voisus VBS2 GUI.
  • Added multi-select, delete feature for connector signals.
  • Added find and replace feature for renaming connector signals.
  • Added Local PTT Control to Transceiver and IntercomTransceiver components.
  • Pathloss parameters can now be specified in the parameters.ini file of the domain. New domains will include explanation of the parameters available.
  • Radios now have the option to send out path loss requests even if the transmitter or receiver is located at the center of the earth.
  • Added "Repeat Count" output to Message List component.
  • Added "TxCryptoSoundIdx" to the Transceiver, available in the full view.
  • Added two new Math Functions related to comparisons.
  • Added a new component - Lockout component.
    • The Lockout component allows sharing of a limited number of assets on a "first-come first-serve" basis.
  • Improved custom components including JBOX, JBOX2Commpanel_Inst, Map, and ScanTransceiver.
  • Improvements to internal ACE testing tools.


  • Fixed versioning scheme for Voisus client.
  • Audio Out gains in the ACU2 component are now applied to the Scope View.
  • Fixed HLA concurrent access attempts issue.
  • Improved Voisus audio quality when utilizing on-board sound-cards.
  • Added additional Ethernet interface support for 5 network interfaces.
  • ACE Studio versions using RHEL 5.4 may experience inaccurate information in the Open Project window. This bug has been fixed, and accurate Target information including it's activity and current project are now displayed.
  • Added a fix for processing the Project FED file during join for MAK RTI when in RTIEXEC mode of operation.
  • Added a fix for the Intercom Transceiver component which was missing the first 100 ms at the beginning of transmission.
  • Fixed ANPS data mapping for the Satcom component.
  • Added "HLA DACS Disable NASMP1.4 Support" to options file generator.
  • Improved Windows Voisus error reporting when a sound device is not found on startup.
  • Added the function to ignore the Pad2 field on both the DIS and Host Interfaces for TDL messages.
  • Removed the Pad2 zero check for the DIS and Host interfaces for TDL messages.
  • Removed restrictions on ethernet interface selections in Studio.
  • Added limitations to the number of sounds per group in the ACE Studio Sound Editor.
  • Fixed the default route configuration for network settings.
  • Fixed the Windows Voisus operator selection window for un-locked operators that displayed a locked-down slot as available if locked-down operator was disconnected.
  • Fixed the crashing in the CommPlan Editor when editing and cloning.
  • Fixed the CommPlan Editor for adding, deleting, then re-adding a group.
  • The SerialByteOut component now undergoes a 15 second re-initialization process when 1) a layout is installed 2) a load is reloaded 3) a device name is changed or 4) a device channel is changed.
  • Added an indicator for a radio that is transmitting via it's bus connection.
  • Improved TTS daemon error handling and RMS status information for better debugging.
  • Removed the ability for TTS to continue to run after a non TTS layout is installed.
  • Reordered the Value and Modifier defaults for the LimThreshold and LimRelease fields in the AmpOut component.
  • Previously, attempting to clone a HostInput of type 'Message' resulted in an error. Cloning now works as expected.
  • Fixed 845 and 865 motherboards incorrect current project status.
  • Some Voisus remote operator controls were not connected to the modeling environment - this has been resolved.
  • Updated the "Net Lock Error" message in the Channel Helper for Voisus.
  • Voisus Clients switching between multiple Targets may experience a situation where the "Operator Selection" window does not display automatically when it should. This issue has been resolved.
  • Fixed the DHCP client ID which was incorrectly defaulting to 'none'.
  • Fixed Keyer component to display the keying state.
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