4.29-36681 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Nov 22, 2010

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.6

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.6.6-36681
Linux v1.6.6-36681

New version in this release


  • TDDI enhancements to support ORTT ancillary radios. The DDI component now has 4 additional inputs (KPin1 - KPin4) to support a 4x4 keypad device. The pins required for a keypad connection ARE NOT exposed externally in the 2U DDI device and require opening up the DDI housing. If you have a keypad requirement for the DDI contact ASTi support to discuss the details. Opening up the device without prior discussion will void the warranty.
  • The Health System's Platform Info > Processor entry now has a 'Realtime Priority' field that checks that the ACE real-time process is running with the expected priority level. If the HLA_DACS option is enabled, an error will never be flagged by this health item.
  • Added support for a remote DIS gateway. This new feature allows a Telestra, or group of Telestras, to use a DIS gateway located on another Telestra. For simulations with many Telestras, it's useful to a have a LAN that's using ASTiNet among the Targets, and then a single gateway box that goes out HLA/DIS. This way only a single Telestra needs to know about federations, RTIs, DIS networking parameters, etc.
  • Added DIS PDU relative timestamp format.
  • Increased the maximum DIS TDL signal PDU data payload size from 1400 bytes to 1440 bytes - the latter being the limit on the ASTi DACS.
  • Added PEERDNS setting to RMS network configuration.
  • Telestra Target iSCSI remote disk cold-start installation support has been added with this software release. Previous versions of ACE software allowed a user to use iSCSI to access a SAN array for additional storage. This feature allows the ACE 4.29 installation to be done directly to an iSCSI Target LUN. In iSCSI terminology the Telestra Target is the iSCSI initiator and the ACE 4.29 software is installed to an iSCSI Server Logical Unit Number (LUN). For installation details refer to the Telestra Target cold-start guide.
  • Added the ability to allow special characters in the RMS password.
  • Added an enhancement for authenticating system power actions.
  • Updated the bus viewer signals to sort alphabetically in list.
  • Added an enhancement for the HLA daemon to initalize after project install when the HLA project is not default.
  • Telestras using HLA can now be set up to auto-join their federation. When this feature is enabled, the Telestra federate will try to join the federation immediately after the layout is installed. This can be turned on and off in the "Advanced Parameters" of the HLA section of the Domain.
  • Added counters for the number of valid/invalid DIS mappings in the health system. New health entries include: Top > Radio Networking > DIS > Statistics > Invalid Id received and Top > Radio Networking > DIS > DIS id Mappings.
  • Added filtering for the RMS System Networking page.


  • Added a fix to the radio environment for ignoring invalid DIS ID's.
  • Added a fix for the "crypto only" flag in the Transceiver under the crypto section.
  • Fixed running "Live Capture" which was consuming CPU.
  • Added a fix for ACENet device(s) specifically ACU2s that do not always appear in health system.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the Relay component.
  • Disabled the Infiniband kernel modules for iSCSI support.
  • Changed the credits for the Voisus Operator component.
  • Added a fix for TTS on diskless systems.
  • Fixed a terrain server memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug for HF propagation results when other factors (occulting, terrain, or ranging) are zero.
  • Fixed a terrain server routing loop where DIS pathloss requests received by the terrain server were not being checked for DIS PDU type. This caused the terrain server to not be able to distinguish between request PDUs and response PDUs.
  • Fixed to RMS page for firmware updates for secure version of the Target.
  • Using an ACU2 helper channel without specifying a bus no longer causes a project install error.
  • The 5BandFilter component now has each filter band disabled by default.
  • Removed the adding of the hostname to telestra.ini during diskless boot process.
  • Added improvements to the terrain server install.
  • Added a fix for the RNE/HF to handle path requests correctly.
  • Resolved RMS invalid page navigation when canceling ACENet firmware upgrade or when updating network device.
  • Added a fix to disallow linking a connector to another connector within the same model and disallow connecting both 'To' and 'From' sides of a single signal in a connector within a model. An error box will pop up in either case.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the project install routine. The issue was that a python name error would be raised when the routine came across an invalid subplan.

Known Issue

  • Text Only Project Backup Restore issue workaround: In order to restore text-only project archives, instead of just selecting the entire Projects Archive, ensure that the individual project(s) you wish to restore is selected.
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