4.30-37041 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Apr 14, 2011

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.9

New version in this release

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.7.2-36871
Linux v1.7.2-36871

This software release is for a firmware fix only.

Potential ACENet device symptoms include:

  • The green and red lights stop blinking.
  • You are unable to change gains.
  • The audio inputs, digital inputs, and digital outputs stop responding.
  • There is a "Host Detection Error" in RMS.

There may be other symptoms not listed. A firmware update is recommended.

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