4.31-37091 ACE Software Release Notes

Released: Apr 29, 2011

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.3, 5.4 (default)

New version in this release

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.9

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.7.2-37091
Linux v1.7.2-37091
Voisus-VBS2 Plugin v0.3-37091

New version in this release


  • Added ACE 4.x software release support under RHEL 5.3.
  • Added 3D audio enhancements including HRTF Service, HRTFOut4 component, and CommPanel8HRTF4 component.
  • Added support for the Voisus client to use the latest Radius firmware.
  • Added support for iSCSI and diskless installs for the new Intel 82576 (ET) NIC.
  • Added URC-200 live radio remote control with new URC-200 remote control component and RMS user interface.
  • Updated the AudioIO/Headphone3DOut component to use new HRTF CFI.
  • Added the lowpass filter into the Voisus Component.
  • Uploading custom firmware to the Target through RMS now saves the firmware on the Target for later use. Custom firmware will be visible along with release firmware in the drop-down firmware selection menu.
  • Enhanced RMS backup-restore error message to show detail.
  • Added support text for runtime stats.
  • The 'live capture' feature of the IO Packet editor now provides a 'Save to File' feature, where the entire captured ICD will be saved locally on Studio. The file will be saved somewhere in the desktop as a csv file, and the user will be notified of its location.
  • Updated the Audio/Delay component so that it does not reset when the InSignal is inactive.
  • Changed the symbol for the conductor on the RMS ACENet page.
  • Added the definition of a conductor to the RMS ACENet status page.
  • Changed "Phantom Power" to "Mic Power" on the RMS ACU/ACU2 pages.
  • Voisus client audio now has anti-aliasing filtering.
  • Added the following new components:
    • HRTFOut4
    • CommPanel8HRTF4
    • Remote Control/URC200
    • ORTT custom component
    • ARC-231 custom component


  • Fixed the RecordReplay component record position when in loop mode.
  • Fixed the Playsound component which incorrectly classified some sounds as overlapping.
  • Added an error message for Math Function names that exceed 32 characters.
  • Fixed the fragile Ethernet interface IP address detection.
  • Updated the Studio VM permissions settings to run in VMware Fusion.
  • Added a fix for radio execution time which spiked whenever a frequency changed.
  • Removed "setroubleshootd" from running on the Target, this was causing audio breakup.
  • Added a fix for spikes in the audio signal that were heard on the receiving side. This involved TTS and radio voice effects.
  • Removed unneeded message logging that occurred during start up which was effecting speech recognition.
  • Fixed the live capture so it does not fail when there is a message field in the host in packet.
  • Improved the RMS ACENet firmware progress table by removing unchecked ACENet devices that are not updated.
  • Removed unnecessary log messages that occur when uninstalling a layout.
  • The Math Function Helper now provides additional field validation and error highlighting to prevent malformed input.
  • Improved the Link Editor to sort by display name instead of interface name.
  • Enhanced SATCOM simulation to prevent hearing operator's own transmission.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'default Voisus net' in the Radio Helper would not store the right index number in some unusual cases.
  • Updated firmware to fix invalid network traffic received by ACU2 and ACE-RIU.
  • Added Voisus audio improvements for Windows® Vista.
  • Added a fix for setting the "Instance Timing Detail UID" which caused the RT to crash.
  • Disallowed invalid characters from being used in Project names.
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