5.21.0 Software Release Notes

Released: Sep 16, 2014

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.10

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

ACENet Device Firmware Version
ACE-RIU 2.11
ACU2 2.17
AI-S v5.21.0

New version in this release

What's New

  • Implement widespread changes and improvements to Voisus' licensing mechanism
  • Added the ability to trigger environmental sounds in Earshot via DIS PDU
  • Allow setting of speaker gains for multiple Earshot observers
  • Add AVCATT and CCTT interoperability to "Army_Example" Scenario


  • Fixed an issue with assigning/editing ACENet device channel names
  • Improved workflow when managing Earshot soundfiles
  • Refined reporting of radio bridge sound levels
  • Improved web interface user management workflow
  • Fixed issues importing and exporting Commplans
  • Expanded scope of files included in system backups
  • Various other optimizations and bug fixes
  • In-product documentation updates
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