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Voisus License File Installation Instructions (#105)

1. Overview

A software license is required for all Voisus servers running Voisus software version 5.17.0 and greater. Follow the instructions below to install the Voisus Software License on your Voisus server.

2. Equipment
  • A computer on the same network as the Voisus server
  • Voisus License File CD
3. Preparation
  1. Insert the Voisus License File CD into the computer’s disk drive.
4. Access the Voisus Web Interface
  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Enter the Voisus server’s Eth0 IP address in the browsers’s address bar.

  3. Log in

    username: admin
    password: astirules

5. Install the License File
  1. Under the wrench drop-down menu, select“Licensing”.

    Voisus manage dropdown
  2. On the Licensing page, click “Choose File”. Select the .vl license file from the Voisus License File CD.
  3. The sucessfully installed license will be displayed in the “Installed Licenses” section.

    Licensing page in Voisus