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ASTi Interface - Single (AI-S)

Latest Firmware Version: 2.3

Technical User Guide

The following information is pulled from the AI-S Techincal User Guide. For a comprehensive overview of the AI-S, please see the full guide:

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The AI-S is a compact audio and I/O distribution device that connects remotely located operator headsets, speakers, control panels and other peripherals to a central Voisus server via ethernet.

A comprehensive overview of the AI-S can be found in the Technical User Guide

General Specifications

Compatible with Voisus
Dimensions 4.860" length x 2.965" width x 1.17" height
Weight A packaged AI-S weighs 5oz.
Power Source Ethernet Port via Power over Ethernet (PoE).
Power Consumption 10w @ 56VDC
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 1,970,288.06 hours

Audio Input/Output

Audio Input

Impedance 4.6k
Level 3.25 Vpp max (6.5 Vpp differential)
Gain 0dB, +9dB to +60dB, software configurable*

* The AI-S gain covers a total gain range of 60dB. The range 9dB to 60dB can be set in 3dB steps. The range 0dB to 9dB cannot be selected as a function of design.

Audio Output

Output Power 150 mW per Channel at 16Ω
Max. Output Signal 5 Vpp

Memory Devices


MCU Internal SRAM 96kB SRAM


MCU Internal 512kB


Serial Connections

RJ-12 Pinout for RS-422 Mode

RJ-12 Pinout for RS-232 Mode

Audio Interface

DB-15 Connector


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