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How to install Model Builder on the ASTi DACS (#11)

As a precaution make sure you have backed up any models that have already been created. Place Model Builder Installation disk in floppy drive. Type install at the A: prompt. Follow the directions on the screen. If you need to create an install disk from a file downloaded from the web or via e-mail proceed to Section II below.

Note: The first time you run Model Builder, it creates a file called DISPLAY.REZ. This takes several minutes. If this proccess is interrupted, model builder will not run properly.

Section I: How to Load a New Version of Model Builder Without Losing the Old Version

Sometimes you want to try out a new version of Model Builder before you delete your old version. The following is a procedure for doing that. The directions below are given for the example where the old version of Model Builder is 4.04e and the new version is 4.05.

  1. Go to the MBUILDER directory on your C: Drive.
  2. Type MKDIR BIN_404e
  3. Type CD BIN
  4. Type COPY *.* ..\BIN_404e
    (You have now backed up the old version of Model Builder into the BIN_404e directory.)
  5. Insert the Install floppy for the new version of Model Builder and install as usual by typing "install" at the "a:\" prompt.
  6. Go to the C:\BATCH directory.
  7. Use a text editor to create a text file named MB_REV.BAT with the following text: c:\MBUILDER\BIN_%1\MBX %2 %3
  8. To run your new version of Model Builder, Type MB.
  9. To run your old version (4.04e in this case) type MB_REV 404e.
  10. An alternative method to run your old version(s) is to manually move through the directory stucture until you are in the desired directory, c:\mbuilder\bin_404e in this case. Type mbx at the prompt to launch the old version.

Note: The first time you run model builder, it creates a file called DISPLAY.REZ. This takes several minutes. If this proccess is interrupted, model builder will not run properly.

WARNING: Models created on a later version of Model Builder can not be run on an earlier version. If you create a Model on 4.05 it WILL NOT RUN on 4.04e. (Models made on earlier versions, however, WILL run on later versions, so the model you made on 4.04e will work for 4.05. Just be careful not to modify it in 4.05 if you still want to run it on 4.04e.)

Section II: Creating an Install Diskette from a Downloaded File

  1. You have received an e-mail message with either or XXX.exe, where XXX is the Model Builder version.
  2. Download this attachment, scanning for viruses first, to a temporary directory on your machine.
  3. Insert a blank, formatted 3 1/2" diskette into your floppy drive.
  4. If using Windows, run "Explorer", locate the downloaded file and right click on it.
  5. Choose "Extract To" and select the "a:\" drive.
  6. If using a zip utility, start the utility, find the zipped MB file and select "Extract".
  7. Choose "a:\" as your destination.
  8. When the extraction process is complete, you now have an install diskette.
  9. Follow the steps in Section I for installing/updating Model Builder.
  10. If you do not feel comfortable with, or are not permitted to, run an executable that was attached to an e-mail then contact ASTi, and we can arrange to have a diskette sent to you.