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Create a More Dynamic Training Scenario (#116)

Instructors can use Construct as a convenient behavior tool to map out an entity's actions and responses to trainee communications. The Voisus API gives instructors a manageable control setting to change aspects of a training scenario on the fly. For example, a pilot can train to communicate with synthetic ATC entities that use Construct behaviors to listen and respond to the pilot on the appropriate radios. The ATC entity can automatically give the pilot specific instructions upon request such as which runway to use for takeoff and landing. If the runway instruction needs to be changed for any reason, the instructor can use a simple API command to quickly edit the information the ATC entity provides to the pilot.

This same approach can be applied to JTAC training for CAS calls. Important information such as time to target can be updated using the API based on the aircraft location in the simulation environment to provide accurate information to the trainee in real time.