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Voisus App Note

Connecting Virtual Battlespace (VBS) Clients to Multiple Voisus Servers (#119)

When using ASTi's communications add-in for VBS, you will find that our VBS Mission Manager only allows for the configuration of one Voisus Server IP address. This may be a problem if your VBS Mission requires more clients than a single Voisus Server is licensed to permit. For example, if your Mission requires 48 clients to communicate through the Voisus Scenario, but one of your servers is licensed for 16, that single server will not be able to accommodate your Mission requirements.

The solution to this problem is to connect the VBS clients to multiple Voisus servers to avoid exceeding the license count on any single system. To do so, follow these instructions (this example assumes 48 clients are required):

  1. Launch the Voisus client on each of your operator stations.
  2. Connect clients 1-16 to Voisus Server 1 using its IPV4 address.
  3. Connect clients 17-32 to Voisus Server 2 using its IPV4 address.
  4. Connect clients 33-48 to Voisus Server 3 using its IPV4 address.
  5. Once you have all of the clients connected to the various servers, you may shut them down.
  6. On the Dedicated Server platform, start the VBS Mission Manager.  Enter an IP address of for all of the Missions. Ensure you click "Update settings for X Missions" before closing the Mission Manager.
  7. After any changes are made in the Mission Manager, the Voisus enabled VBS Missions must be exported again as Networked Missions in order for the changes to take effect.
  8. Launch the VBS Mission. The clients will connect to their respective Server (1, 2 or 3).

If you are unsure of the number of clients you have licensed or the number of servers you will need to meet your requirements, please contact ASTi for help in determining your current (and future) training needs.