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Motherboard Obsolescence Announcement (#125)

December 6, 2018

ASTi is discontinuing its current chipset due to an obsolescence notification from our supplier. The end-of-life announcement means that ASTi’s products will soon incorporate a new motherboard. This change will affect your ability to order support hardware and spare systems for our Telestra and Voisus products.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this will impose, but rest assured that ASTi will make every effort to support our existing customers and programs during the product transition. To learn how the new motherboard impacts your ASTi systems, read the FAQs below:

Does this change affect my system’s motherboard?

To determine if your system’s motherboard will become obsolete, check the ASTi part number on your server (e.g., T4H-25350--69 or VSH-25310--69). Servers with part numbers beginning in T4H/VSH-1 or T4H/VSH-2 have obsolete motherboards. Alternatively, email your system’s part number to for clarification.

Which software versions are compatible with the new motherboard?

The following table shows ASTi’s software compatibility with the new motherboard:

Product Software Version Compatible?
Telestra 6.8 and later Yes
6.1.1 to 6.7.0 Contact ASTi.
4.X and earlier No
Voisus 7.1.0 and later Yes
5.28 to 5.34 Contact ASTi.
5.27 and earlier No

What should I do if my ASTi software isn't compatible?

If you’re running an incompatible ASTi software version, you have two options:

  • Preorder old motherboard spares to support your fielded systems. Contact ASTi by January 1, 2019 to tell us the number of systems you will need.

  • Plan to upgrade the software version of your current system in the event of a system failure. In most cases, your current systems will support new software versions, so new hardware is not required.

ASTi also offers an alternative motherboard for select systems. Contact ASTi to discuss which of the above solutions works best for your program.

Note: ASTi will not preorder and hold systems without a commitment to purchase.

How can I order new ASTi systems with the same configuration as my existing equipment?

If you wish to order new ASTi systems with the "same" configuration as existing equipment (save for the motherboard), this page on our website can help you determine the new part number(s) based on the old: Updated Part Numbers for the New Motherboard 2018–2019

How is the new motherboard different from the previous version?

The new motherboard uses a different chipset, and ASTi is increasing the base RAM to 8GB. The new motherboard also removes the PS/2 connector, and the monitor connections are now DVI-D and DisplayPort instead of DVI-D, HDMI, and VGA. All other chassis hardware remains the same.

Here’s a technical drawing of the Voisus/Telestra 2U chassis with the new motherboard:

Voisus/Telestra 2U Chassis

Which features and add-ons does the new motherboard offer?

ASTi’s new motherboard offers a variety of features and add-ons:

  • Increased memory: pack more into a smaller package with 8GB of base RAM, which doubles the old motherboard’s memory. This boost may allow you to consolidate servers, reducing costs while increasing available space.

  • Enhanced security add-on: lock down your security-related data and harden your system with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), v2.0 add-on.

  • High-speed networking add-on: support a faster, larger-capacity network with ASTi’s 10G Ethernet add-on.

How long will ASTi support the new motherboard?

ASTi will make every attempt to support the new motherboard for approximately seven years. However, a number of factors contribute to a product’s lifecycle, and there’s no way for ASTi to guarantee continued support.