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Sample HLA Project for Telestra 7.3.0 and Later (#126)

December 19, 2019

As you set up a high-level architecture (HLA) project for the first time, you may find it useful to review and experiment with a known, working example. This sample project is an optional supplement to the HLA Installation Guide. To use this resource, you should be familiar with the basic operation of Telestra Target and ACE Studio.

The sample project works with HLA 1.3 and HLA Evolved (HLAe) standards and supports ASTi Simulation Object Model (SOM) 3.2.x and Real-time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM) 2. ASTi does not support High-Frequency Electronic Counter-Countermeasure (HFECCM) mode. Digital mode requires a mapping file and SOM modification for full compatibility.

The sample project contains the following resources:

  • A layout for FEDERATE_N Target
  • A layout with 13 HLA radios (i.e., AM, FM, INTERCOM) that you can key via a local sine wave or a microphone
  • An ACU2 component to support operator headset connection (e.g., microphone, headset, press-to-talk devices)
  • Example RTI Initialization Data (RID) files for the MAK run-time infrastructure (RTI), based on version 4.5c

Important: If you’re using an RTI from a third-party vendor, you will need to add additional file(s) to the project.

To download the sample project, select the following link: Example HLA Project

You may need to make some custom configurations before you can use this project. Example configurations include designating the federate to use MAK or an RTI from a third-party vendor or creating a unique federate name. To learn more about HLA setup, go to the HLA Installation Guide.