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Enabling FTP, telnet, and rlogin on the Model Server Platform (#32)

The model server platform is a Linux-based system which provides control over various audio components in an ASTi solution. It can be run as a stand alone box which needs no user intervention other than powering on. However, the more sophisticated user may want to network it to their own computers so that modifications can be made to the system or so the system can be monitored remotely.

The first step is to make sure the IP address of the model server is on the same subnet as the other computers that which to be connected to it. The default IP address of the model server is, which will be able to connect with other systems with an IP address of 192.42.170.XX. If you are unclear on subnets, there are many books available.

To check the IP address of your system, login as root (the default password is mserver, but this may be different on your system). Type:


at the command prompt. The IP address of eth0 is the one you are interested in. If you want to change the IP address, type:


and follow the directions. When ipconfig is finished, reboot the system by typing:

 shutdown -r now

Once the IP address is set so that it matches your local subnet, you need to change your /etc/hosts file. To do this, login as root again, and at the command prompt type:

 vi /etc/hosts

which will edit the file. Hit the down arrow until the cursor is at the end of the file, then hit the o key (that's a lower case letter o). The word "insert" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Enter the IP address and the host name of the computer you want to be able to log into the model server like so:  davescomputer

if you are unsure of the hostname, you can enter dummy1. Hit enter at the end of the line, and keep typing until you have entered all the computers you want to be able to remotely log onto the system. When you are finished, hit the following key sequence:


(that's escape, colon, lowercase w, lowercase q, enter) This should bring you back to the command prompt.

The computers with the IP addresses you have entered will be able to ftp, telnet, and rlogin onto the model server.

Warning: If ipconfig is run at a later time, it will destroy the changes to /etc/hosts, and they will have to be reentered! ipconfig will tell you that it is doing this.