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Telestra 2 App Note

Troubleshooting Telestra 2.x Telestra web interface Errors (#60)


This document is intended to supplement the Telestra User Guide, and explain the causes of some errors experienced by a few of our customers. This application note does not address errors that may appear in the Telestra web interface version 3.x software.

Telestra Screen Error Messages

These error messages will only be seen if there is a monitor attached to the Telestra system's video port. The presence of these messages will not affect the Telestra system's ability or performance. But, they are annoying, due especially to their cryptic nature.

Error Message:

	hda: dma_intr: status=0x51 {DriveReady SeekComplete Error}
	hda: dma_intr: status=0x84 {DriveStatusError BadCRC}

Occurrence: These messages may be seen during system boot, and may appear over the Telestra Configuration Utility (blue configuration screens on Linux console 1).

Cause: The messages listed above are the result of improperly configured BIOS settings; specifically, the hard disk drive UDMA settings are incorrect.

Resolution: Configure the BIOS, as outlined in the Telestra Cold Start Procedure.

Error Message:

I/O error, dev fd:02 (fdblock), sector 775

- or -

I/O error, dev fd:05 (fdblock), sector 775

Occurrence: These messages may be seen when using the Model Builder Virtual Screens utility.

Cause: The Model Builder software of the DACS system you are trying to access over the network is not responding. This should also be evident in the DACS system frame in the Telestra web interface; the system should have a large, red "X" over its image.


  1. Make sure the DACS system is present on the network. Try pinging its IP address from another location on the network.
  2. Make sure the DACS system has the proper license. In the Model's "Options" screen (page 2 of 2), verify that "Remote Manager" is "Installed" and "Enabled". If not, you must purchase a DACS license and get a new DACS Options file from ASTi. Note that this file is different from the Telestra Options file, "telestra.opt".
  3. Make sure the DACS' "config.sys" and "default.cfg" files are properly configured, as outlined in the Telestra User Guide.

Telestra Web Interface Error Messages

Error Message:

	Error Type: TypeError
	Error Value: Unsubscriptable Object

Occurrence: This message may be seen on the DSPs/RIUs page for a particular DACS system.

Cause: It has been found that RIUs present on the TDM ring with firmware version 2.3.1 may cause this error in the Telestra web interface versions 2.1 and earlier.

Resolution: Upgrade RIU firmware to version 3.0.5 or higher. Or, upgrade to Telestra version 2.2 or later.

Error Message:

	Error Type: KeyError
	Error Value: DACS_error

Occurrence:The Telestra web interface only throws this error on the DACS Info page (either by selecting a DACS for the first time from the DACS frame, or by clicking its "Info" icon) when the user has NOT authenticated w/ the server.

Cause: This is a permissions issue, and should only affect users with post-2.0 program-specific Telestra releases.

Resolution: This was fixed in Telestra 2.1 (Sept. 2002). Upgrade if possible.

Error Message:

	Telestra cannot locate your OPTIONS file.

Occurrence: This message will be displayed on older versions of 2-series software if there is no Telestra Options File ("telestra.opt") on the system, or if a corrupted Options File was installed.

Resolution: As of the 2.3 release (Sept. 2003) The Telestra web interface will operate with base functionality even without an options file; specific options file-related troubleshooting suggestions were also been built into the Telestra web interface in that release. To avoid this error forever, upgrade to the latest 2-series release.