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Model Builder v4.09M Software Update (#74)


This note describes the software update process for the DACS product line and Model Builder Software v4.09M. ASTi recommends this software update for all DACS running Model Builder versions 4.09A through 4.09L. The v4.09M software update provides these fixes:

  • DACS running Model Builder v 4.09A through v4.09L do not properly reload the DEFAULT.INI file when a Model Restart is executed (either manually or through the Telestra web interface). Model Builder v4.09M fixes this problem.
  • DACS running Model Builder v4.09A through v4.09L, when used in conjunction with the Telestra web interface, may crash on startup when their network adapter is connected to certain Cisco switches (and possibly other Ethernet switches) that take an unusually long period of time (10 seconds or more) to complete link negotiation. Model Builder v4.09M eliminates the DACS crash problem.

Update Instructions

Step 1: Backing Up Your Working Files (models, configurations, initializations, soundfiles, etc.)

It is not typically necessary to reinstall your working files after a successful Model Builder software update, nevertheless we recommend that you back up working files--it's always good practice.

You can back up your working files using the DOS COPY command to copy them to a floppy disk (example: COPY *.* A:). Working files are typically located at C:\MBUILDER\USER\MODELS and in nested subdirectories, if present. Back up all files with these extensions: MDL, CFG, INI, PTH and AU.

You should also back up these files:

  • The config-dot-sys file, located at C:\CONFIG.SYS
  • The option file, located at C:\MBUILDER\BIN\.OPT

If you have an ASTi Telestra web interface available, you can perform a system backup using the DACS System Backup utility. This one-button backup is an elegant way to perform file backup. See the Telestra v2.4 User Guide for more details on DACS System Backup.

Step 2: Installing Model Builder 4.09M

This is easy. Simply insert the Model Builder 4.09M diskette in the target DACS and enter INSTALL at the a:\ prompt. When the installation is complete, eject the diskette and reboot the DACS.

The first time Model Builder is started after an installation, it will create a file called DISPLAY.REZ. This may take a few minutes and the user should allow the process to complete without interruption. Model Builder requires the DISPLAY.REZ file to operate properly.

Your system will be ready to use after Model Builder installation and DACS reboot.