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Model Builder Utilities

Model Builder Utilities v4.4d includes the following diagnostic tools:

Before attempting to use the "riu_test" utility, you should obtain an RIU Test Plug (Part Number TIU-01) from ASTi. Email us for more information.

  1. Download (~840K); this is a standard ZIP file.

  2. After download, use WinZip, Stuffit Expander, PKZip, or similar utility to unzip its contents onto a blank floppy disk.

  3. After decompressing the contents of the file onto the blank floppy, insert the disk into the DACS' drive and type: a:\install

  4. The installation will then proceed. Installation of this utility will create a new directory under "c:\mbuilder\user" called "riu_test". All of the files associated with this test routine are placed in this directory. The existing soundfiles and models in the "c:\mbuilder\demo\models", "c:\mbuilder\demo\sounds8" and "c:\mbuilder\demo\sounds16" are unaffected by this installation update.

  5. To run "riu_test", follow the detailed instructions presented in AppNote #49: Remote Interface Unit Diagnostic Testing Using Model Builder Utility 'RIUTEST'.

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