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Telestra 4.23-35388 Release Notes

Released: January 27, 2010

This software release supports the following base operating systems:

OS Version
RHEL 5.4

New version in this release.

ASTi audio and I/O distribution devices use the following firmware version with this software release:

Hardware Device Firmware Version
ACU 2.1
ACU2 2.4

New version in this release.

ASTi Voisus Clients use the following versions with this software release:

Voisus Client Version
Windows® v1.1.0
Linux v1.1.0



MarkerTone Enhancements May Cause Compatibility Issues

Telestra 4.23 software release contains two enhancements for the Radio/MarkerTone component which are not fully backward compatible with existing models. MarkerTone components used in models created in software versions prior to 4.23 will not operate correctly on a 4.23 or later software release.

Part I MarkerTone Modifier

The modifier for this variable was changed from "multiplication" to "addition" which allows the component to work using default settings. The marker ident selector input (previously called "Number") was changed to the more descriptive "IdentIndex".

Use the following procedure to use your Radio/MarkerTone components with 4.23 or later software.

  1. Open your Load Viewer and go to each folder in your model which has a MarkerTone component.
  2. Select the "Links" tab, and you should see one red entry with a Destination Var of "Number" for each MarkerTone component in the folder.
  3. Note the Source, Source Var, and Destination.
  4. Recreate this link using the Link Editor (i.e. middle-click on the Source component) but this time, the Destination Var (called "Signal" in the Link Editor) should be "IdentIndex" instead of "Number."
  5. Return to the "Links" tab in the Load Viewer and right-click and delete the red link.
  6. One final but optional change (for each MarkerTone) is to right-click and delete the InitVar for the "Number_modifier_mul" which will also be red in the "InitVars" tab. The component will operate correctly with the obsolete/red InitVar, but it will look better with the update.

Part II MarkerTone Timing

In software releases prior to 4.23, the inter-character timing for the Radio/MarkerTone component was normal Morse keyer timing (i.e. 3 dot gaps between ident characters) instead of the correct marker tone timing (i.e. 1 dot gap between ident characters and 2 after the last ident character).

To prevent possible problems with the operation of a Radio/MarkerTone component in an existing model (software versions prior to 4.23), a new boolean input called "StrictTiming" was added to the Radio/MarkerTone component. This input defaults to True which selects the shorter inter-character gaps which are correct for a Radio/MarkerTone component. Setting the boolean "StrictTiming" to False will cause the component to use the relaxed Morse keyer timing which was used in software releases prior to the 4.23 software release.

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