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ASTi's training classes enable our customers to gain proficiency and develop expertise, resulting in maximized productivity, efficiency, self sufficiency, optimized value of software investment, and reduced lifecycle costs.

ASTi offers a variety of course materials and flexible learning formats to suit your position (exercise staff, technician, system administrator, development engineer) and areas of interest (operation, maintenance, or development of a customized or integrated application).

Experienced Instructors

ASTi's training courses are taught by experienced application engineers with an average tenure of 11 years. Our knowledgable instructors serve on our product development team and have extensive experience with customer interaction and team collaborations related to product applications, system engineering, and customer support.

Course Delivery Options

ASTi offers three training course delivery options:

ASTi Training Center

Our dedicated training facility is located at ASTi's headquarters in Herndon, VA. It is configured for maximum flexibility to suit any training course or customer requirement, including specialized applications and engineering consultations. Our facility is located minutes from Dulles International Airport and a wide selection of lodging.

Each day during training, ASTi will provide lunch to course attendees. Upon completion, trainees will receive a certificate and an ASTi polo shirt, the value of which will not exceed $9.00 (US).

Virtual Classroom

ASTi's web-based training employs audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing to create an interactive training environment. For hands-on experience, students can work remotely with Voisus software hosted on public cloud infrastructure. ASTi can also deploy Direct Connect OnlineĀ® (DCO), the DOD's enterprise collaboration tool, to conduct the training course over the Nonsecure Internet Protocol IP Router Network (NIPRNet).

At Your Site

ASTi instructors can conduct training courses on-site at your facility. To facilitate on-site access, we can provide instructors who possess DOD security clearances and Common Access Cards (CAC).

ASTi Training Courses

For more information or to schedule a training course, please contact

Voisus Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Voisus installation, configuration, operation and maintenance.

  • Getting Started: Voisus system installation, configuration, and maintenance.
  • Clients: Establish networked communications on a variety of user interfaces.
  • Radio Bridge: Bridge audio to and from live radios over IP networks and remotely control live radios over the network.
  • Construct: Generate artificial radio chatter and configure a simple voice response using automatic speech recognition.
  • Simscribe: Record and replay network traffic for after-action review.
  • Earshot: Configure immersive 3D sound beyond the limitations of 5.1 surround sound.
  • Recommended Prerequisites: basic networking knowledge
  • Length: 1-2 Days
  • Locations: ASTi Training Center, Virtual Classroom, On-Site

Telestra Fundamentals

Hands-on hardware and software familiarization, covering basic radio and communications modeling as well as generic environmental cues in Telestra software. To review the topics covered in a typical Telestra training course, view the Telestra Training Manual.

  • Recommended Prerequisites: basic networking knowledge
  • Length: 2-3 Days
  • Locations: ASTi Training Center, On-site

Telestra Application: FAA Level D

Environmental cue generation, tuning, testing, plot generation, and spectral analysis.

  • Recommended Prerequisites: basic knowledge of the FAA Level D certification process, Telestra Fundamentals
  • Length: 2 Days
  • Locations: ASTi Training Center, On-site

Application: High Level Architecture (HLA)

Topics include compatible Run Time Infrastructure, Object Model Templates, ASTi SOM, RPR, and FOM.

  • Recommended Prerequisites: basic networking knowledge, basic simulation, Voisus or Telestra Fundamentals
  • Length: 1-2 Days
  • Locations: ASTi Training Center, On-site

Customized, Private Training

Build your own training course. Courses can include any product (including legacy) or combination of products, any focus, and can include advanced topics and discussions that are focused exclusively on your group's needs. Integrate a technical consultation session with our application engineering staff to jump start your ASTi-based project. Contact ASTi to discuss your unique requirements.

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