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Audio Communications Environment Network (ACENet)

Technical User Guide

The following information is pulled from the ACENet Techincal User Guide. For a comprehensive overview of ACENet, please see the full guide:

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The Audio Communications Environment Network (ACENet) is a low-latency network for remote digital audio and I/O distribution. ACENet devices such as the ACE-RIU, ACU2, Ashly Amplifier, and Crown Amplifier distribute audio to a variety of user interfaces, such as military headsets, PTT devices, HHT (Hand-Held Terminal) devices, speakers, and live radios.

A comprehensive overview of ACENet can be found in the Technical User Guide.

ACENet Diagram


Closed Network No other traffic should be present on the ACENet network. Only ASTi servers, ACENet audio distribution devices, and approved ACENet-compatible network switches are permitted.
Gigabit Switch If you wish to use a network switch with ACENet, it must be gigabit-capable. See below for further switch requirements and a list of ACENet-compatible switches.
Category 5e cable All cabling connections on the ACENet network must be Category 5e grade or higher.

Cabling Requirements

Category 5e cable or better
100 meters (328 feet) maximum distance
Wire according to 1000BASE-T Specification

Switch Requirements

Gigabit Capable (1000 Mbps)
OSI Layer 2 Switching device.
Must be a LAN switch, not a hub.

ACENet-Compatible Switches

Switch Part Number
Netgear GS105, GS108, GS605, JGS516, JGS524
Hawking HGS5T
Linksys EG005W
Cisco Catalyst 6500 series, 4900 series, 4500 series, 3500 series, 2960 series
HP ProCurve 2800 series

1 The SMC switches are not supported if manufactured in 2012 or later due to functionality changes.

Incompatible Switches

Switch Part Number
3COM 3C164782

2 Packet drop outs, possibly due to 802.1 prioritization