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Voisus Client Mapping (#104)

Voisus Clients are communication applications that provide access to virtual radios, intercoms, conference calling, and direct calling. Client mapping is done in the Voisus web interface under "Manage Clients" and is used to link client interfaces to scenario resources. The mapping process is required for all clients in your scenario that you wish to have complete control over (i.e., role assignation, asset allocation, etc.).

You may elect to allow unlisted (unmapped) Voisus clients to connect to the server. Default settings for these clients are available, and they are optional.

The client settings shown in the image here are used as reference for each of the following 3 example training situations.

Manage Clients page

Example 1

Client Mapping
  • All operators have the same role and are in the same domain.
  • They can all talk to each other and have access to the same radios (those defined in Role-A).

Example 2

Client Mapping
  • All operators have the same role but are split into separate domains, so OP-1 can not speak to OP-3A.
  • This mapping is used for simultaneous, independent exercises.

Example 3

Client Mapping
  • Operators 1 and 2 have Role-A, while Happy and Dopey have Role-Z per the "unlisted software client" settings defined at the top of the Manage Clients page.
  • Allowing unlisted clients to connect means that operators can join an exercise ad hoc.
  • Since all of these operators are in the same domain, they can communicate with each other, but they may have access to different radios depending on what is defined in Role-A versus Role-Z.

To learn more about clients and client mapping, check out the Voisus Client User Guide.