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Restoring Models in Telestra (#82)

Step 4: Configuring the Model

  1. On the ACE Studio Development Workstation desktop navigate to Applications > ASTi and select ACE Studio to open the Project Manager.

    ACE Studio Open screen
  2. Select Project > Open.

    Project Open screen
  3. A window will open that says “Open Project.”
  4. Expand the arrow next to your Target name and select the appropriate Project.
  5. Select the “Open” button to open your Project.

    Open Project screen
  6. The Project will open in ACE Studio Project Manager. In the ACE Studio Project Manager icon view (graphical layout) right-click the “Telestra” icon and select “Edit” to open the “Telestra Editor.”
  7. Next to “Name” type the name of your Target and next to “Identifier” select the Target name from the “....” drop down list. This assigns it to the Project and models.

    Telestra Editor screen
  8. In the top left tool bar navigate to “Install Layout,” select the icon to install the default Project.

    Note: Installation time may vary depending on the size of the model.

  9. Return to the RMS System > Status and the Project name should appear on the screen. You may have to refresh your browser for the name to appear.

    Note: You may also need to set up your Host IP address, setup DIS and assign ACENet audio devices to the model.

  10. To setup ACENet audio devices, select the icon in the layout (for our example we used an ACE-RIU).
  11. In the ACE-RIU Editor, select the Telestra name, Group and Channel.

    ACE-RIU Editor screen