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Hardware FAQ

I'm not receiving from another radio, what could be wrong?

If you are networked with another trainer or site you could have network connectivity issues. Use information from the DIS network Status page to determine if you are connected to other systems.

Provided you are connected to other trainers or sites check the following:

  • Are you using the same DIS exercise number?
  • Are the radios in-tune?
  • Are the radios in-range?
  • Are the radios of the same modulation type?
  • If crypto is used, do the crypto system and crypto key values match?
  • If Frequency Hopping is used, do the Frequency Hopping values match?
  • If terrain is used, are the radios occulted by terrain?

In MB 4.09 the radio objects may be set to permit reception of Plain+Encrypted transmitters or just Encrypted Only transmitters. Determine if your radio is set to Encrypted Only and the transmitting radio is in Plain mode.