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Security FAQ

What do all these security acronyms mean?

AIS Automated Information System
ATO Authority To Operate
ATC Authority To Connect
AGM Army Gold Master
CA Certifying Authority
CDS Cross Domain Solution
CON Certificate Of Networthiness
CIO Chief Information Officer
CL Confidentially Level
CVE Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
DAA Designated Accrediting Authority
DIACAP DoD Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process
DIP DIACAP Implementation Plan
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
FISMA Federal Information Security Management Act
GIG Global Information Grid
IAM Information Assurance Manager
IASO Information Assurance Security Officier
IATO Interim Authority To Operate
IAVA Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert
IPAC Information assurance Posture Assessment Checklist
IS Information Systems
MAC Mission Assurance Category
NIPRNET Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
OVAL Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language
PDI Potential Discrepancy Item
PPS Ports Protocols and Services
POA&M Plan Of Actions and Milestones
RHSA Red Hat Security Advisories
SCAP Security Content Automation Protocol
SIP System Identification Profile
SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SO System Owner
SRR Security Readiness Review
STIG Security Technical Implementation Guide
USGCB United States Government Configuration Baseline
XCCDF Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format