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How can I force stringent password policy compliance right out of the box?

The ASTi system is shipped with factory default passwords that do not comply with stringent password rules (see previous answer) required by government security regulations. Passwords expire every 60 days on a hardened system, forcing the user to enter a new password during their next login via an automated dialog. This process enforces the stringent rules for the new password.

To change the default passwords before the 60 days has passed, force the passwords to expire immediately using the following commands:

chage -d 0 astiadmin
(enter the default root password abcd1234)
chage -d 0 root

Note: the command is "chage" not "change".

Now logout; when you log back in, the system will prompt you for the new password. After you have successfully entered the new astiadmin password, su to root and enter a new password for the root user. Your system passwords will now be compliant.

To view the current password age information, log in as astiadmin and enter:

chage -l astiadmin