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Data Fields
DISParams_t Struct Reference

DIS parameters. More...

Data Fields

int site
 DIS Site. More...
int app
 DIS Application. More...
int entity
 DIS Entity. More...
int radio_offset
 DIS Radio index for first radio. More...
char exercise_name [32]
 Name of exercise (defined in Voisus) More...

Detailed Description

DIS parameters.

Field Documentation

◆ app

int DISParams_t::app

DIS Application.

◆ entity

int DISParams_t::entity

DIS Entity.

◆ exercise_name

char DISParams_t::exercise_name[32]

Name of exercise (defined in Voisus)

◆ radio_offset

int DISParams_t::radio_offset

DIS Radio index for first radio.

◆ site

int DISParams_t::site

DIS Site.

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