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Voisus Remote Control Client Documentation
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Voisus Technology

ASTi's Voisus® distributes voice communications across networks to computer-based operators. Voisus-based products leverage existing computers and network infrastructure and eliminate the need for dedicated audio distribution and operator panel hardware.

The purpose of this document is to guide a developer to create a custom user interface that interacts with the Voisus communication framework. For an overall understanding of the Voisus product line, please refer to the ASTi Support Site located at

Voisus Remote Control Interface

The Voisus Remote Control Client (VRCC) library provides an interface for interacting with the Voisus Client. Using this library, a developer can integrate the same functionality demonstrated in the ASTi Voisus Client into a user application.

Voisus Remote Control Client Library

The library, VRCClient.dll, is provided by ASTi along with this documentation of the functions that the library implements. The API is documented in vrcc.h.

The install location of the VRCC library will vary depending on the operating system. The platform-specific location for Windows and Linux operating systems are detailed below:

Path: The install directory is stored in the registry key
The full path to the library is [InstallDir]\VRCClient.dll.
Default InstallDir: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASTi\DesktopClient"
Path: /opt/asti/voisus-client/usr/lib/

Additional Documentation

Detailed descriptions of specific subsystems and APIs are available in the Related Pages.

Topics include: