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Application Note

Using ASTi's Tactical Data Link/Data Bridge Feature (#26)


The purpose of this application note is to detail the use of the Tactical Data Link/Data Bridge (TDL) feature.

To support the concept of a digitized battlefield, albeit simulated, ASTi has developed a Tactical Data Link feature. This feature will allow the transmission of digital information over the DIS (and HLA) communications network using ASTi's virtual radios.

The following information applies to the latest generation of Telestra (Telestra 4), for legacy software please see the list after the break.

Note: The following sections cover TDL with legacy software

Parts I through V deal with using TDL with the DACS Model Builder and Telestra 2 / DACS Support software. For information about using Tactical Data Link with Telestra 3 / MBV software, refer to Part VI.

DACS Model Builder & Telestra 2

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V

Telestra 3 & MBV

Part VI