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DACS Connector/Cable Options for Analog Signal Distribution (#27)

Note: Used with DACS platforms that have Waveform Synthesizer DSP cards. If you have the TDM/RIU platform, see Technical Application Notes 9, 17 & 17b.

This image depicts the 37-pin D connector found on the rear of the DACS chassis when fitted with a Waveform Synthesizer.


Cabling Options are shown below.

3-Pin XLR Wiring Convention

  1. - Shield
  2. - Signal
  3. - Ground

4-Pin XLR Wiring Convention

  1. - Microphone
  2. - Microphone
  3. - Headset
  4. - Headset
    Shield attaches to connector shell

Interface Equipment - Option 1

Standard headset and cabling are shown. Other custom cabling and headsets are available. Interface cables can be ordered as custom equipment.

Color Key:

Use of an intermediate extension cable between headset and Y-cable is NOT recommended, as the shields will not be properly grounded.
Length of cable (ACBL-4x3x) is to be specified by the customer.
This breakout panel (IPNL-8x) is NOT the standard configuration. It is shown only to support special legacy installations.


  • Headset shown is model HS-TX-PH-10-4R. Stereo headset, 4-Pin Male XLR connector.
  • Cable shown (with green circle) is ACBL-4x3x. Two 3-Pin XLR connectors plug into the breakout panel, one 4-Pin XLR plugs into the headset.
  • Standard breakout panel is IPNL-8XR, shown at top. The cable to attach to the 37-Pin DB Connector on the Waveform Synthesizer has a standard length of 48".

Interface Equipment - Option 2


  • Breakout cable shown is ICBL-8XR. There are eight 3-Pin Male XLR connectors (indicated by the blue box) that pass audio from the DACS to the headset or other output devices. There are eight 3-Pin Female XLR connectors (indicated by the red box) that carry audio from microphones or other inputs to the DACS.
  • ICBL-8XR standard length is 48". The length between the DB-37 connector and the split-point is 30".
  • Also shown is ACBL-4x3x (on right). This cable is required if you wish to connect headsets to ICBL-8XR.

Interface Equipment - Option 3


  • Cable shown is ICBL-8x4.
  • There are eight 4-Pin Female XLR connectors that provide direct headset connections.
  • ICBL-8x4 standard length is 48". The length between the DB-37 connector and the split-point is 30".