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Remote Interface Unit Diagnostic Testing Using Model Builder Utility 'RIUTEST' (#49)

System Requirements

  • Digital Audio Communications System (DACS) with one (1) or two (2) Time Division Multiplex (TDM) DSP cards
  • Between one (1) and fourteen (14) RIUs, Version RIU-V41, connected to each TDM card via Category 5 patch cable(s)
  • Model Builder Version 4.04e or Later
  • Model Builder Utility, Version 4.4c (includes test routine RIUTEST)
  • RIU Test Plug: Part Number TIU-01

    Test Plug

Important Precautions

Before initiating RIUTEST, the user should disconnect all ancillary devices from the channel jacks of the RIU under test. This precaution is recommended because RIUTEST activates a model that generates audio and digital output signals and routes them to all four RIU channels. While test signals are not inherently damaging to ancillary devices, the resulting loud sounds and flashing digital controls could be surprising or annoying to unsuspecting bystanders!

This test routine and the test plug must only be used with RIU Version RIU-V41. Operation with other RIUs may result in errant test behavior and possible equipment damage. This warning is repeated to the user when RIUTEST is initiated. It is also printed on the test plug.

Do not run RIUTEST if you are using mic-power on the RIU. This could potentially damage the output stage of the RIU. Remove the mic-power resistors prior to initiating RIUTEST. If this is not possible or convenient, then use DRED_RIU to test the RIU(s).