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Remote Interface Unit Diagnostic Testing Using Model Builder Utility 'RIUTEST' (#49)

Test Initiation

  1. Determine the specific RIU and associated TDM card to test.
  2. Disconnect all ancillary devices from the RIU (see Important Precautions).
  3. From the C:\ command line, enter: RIUTEST. The routine can be launched from any subdirectory on the C:\ drive.
  4. An introduction page is launched. Read the information and then press any key to continue.

  5. At the prompt, enter the TDM card address. The TDM card address (1 or 2) correlates to the software model number (Model 1 or Model 2).

  6. At the next prompt, enter the RIU address. This address is read from the miniature rotary switch on the RIU chassis face. The valid address range is 1 to 14 decimal (1 to E, hexadecimal); enter the hexadecimal value.

  7. Another prompt will echo your TDM and RIU address choices. Press any key to continue.

  8. Model Builder will load a specific software configuration file and model then display the main menu.

  9. Press M to select Models. If you selected TDM address 1 during setup, only Model 1 will be shown. If you selected TDM address 2 during setup, Model 1 and Model 2 will be shown. Enter 1 or 2 to select the appropriate model.

  10. The Model Configuration menu will display the model filename "RIUTEST.MDL".

  11. Press F2 and Enter to select the Controls list.

  12. The Model Builder Controls List is now displayed (screenshot), and the test routine is running--no further Model Builder navigation is necessary. All test results are displayed on the Controls List.

Before moving ahead with the test, please read the description of the RIUTEST model on the next page.