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Telestra 3 App Note

MBV Radio Monitor Application (#71)

Server Management

Radio Monitor allows users to view the settings and statistics for the various Telestra servers. Pressing 'M' from the lower level pages will take the user to the main status page of the Radio Environment as shown below. From this page, use the left and right arrows to view the other servers: Satcom, Terrain, HF, and Pathloss. Pressing 'p' will ping the utility to detect other Telestra servers on the network. When looking at the ping results, the user can move the cursor to select another server, and then press Enter to view the Main Status page for that server. This allows the user to open Radio Monitor on a local box, ping to other Telestras on the network, and then view the settings or transmitter pages for that Telestra.

Radio Monitor screen

Figure 8: Radio Monitor's Top Level allows the user to view the settings and status of the Radio Environment and other servers