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Telestra 3 App Note

MBV Radio Monitor Application (#71)

Advanced Controls

Users can load the Radio Monitor from the command line interface with the line:


By default, Radio Monitor will open to the main status page for the Radio Environment when using the command line. Other options are supported and they will change the opening screen of Radio Monitor.

Supported extensions:

usage: radiomon {-Hh Host IP:port}
       {-S  Server Statistics}
       {-s  Radio Statistics}
       {-Mm Monitor}
       {-Pp Ping all servers}
       {-Nn Network Transmitter Monitor}
       {-Ll Log replay}
       {-Qq <1-5> Query servers}
       {-Ii Intune for tx       (Monitor with -I)}
       {-Jj Intune for main rx  (monitor with -J)}
       {-Kk Intune for guard rx  (monitor with -K)}
       {-Tt Transmitter Status    (monitor with -T)}
       {-Rr Main Receiver Status    (monitor with -R)}
       {-Gg Guard Receiver Status   (monitor with -G)}

Since the tool is non-graphical, it allows users to access a box remotely via the ssh utility and then remotely run Radio Monitor. Controls are available for HLA, giving the user the ability to join or resign from a federation, view HLA counters for relevant servers, and see transmitters based on their HLA Federation instead of their DIS Exercise IDs. For a complete list of commands, see the MBV Radio Monitor Controls Guide.