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Telestra 3 App Note

MBV Radio Monitor Application (#71)


Trying to figure out why two players are not communicating? Looking for an easy way to detect mode mismatch, out of tune frequencies, or the guy sitting on the wrong DIS exercise? Telestra 3 is equipped with a network-debugging tool called Radio Monitor that allows the user to examine the radio environment and other Telestra servers.

The purpose of this document is to provide a general overview of the Radio Monitor application and to explain some of the basic features and commands. An exhaustive list of commands is available in the MBV Radio Monitor Controls Guide.

The application is akin to the Radio Display tab within the Telestra web interface and displays information in a similar format. Unlike the Telestra web interface, Radio Monitor updates in real time and can be accessed without a web browser. For more information about the Radio Display tab see Chapter 6 of the appropriate Telestra User's Guide:

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