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Radio Comms Model

Model Builder Tutorial

2.1 Overview of the Problem to be Solved

Rather than make the focus of the model something abstract, let us imagine that we have the following communication problem to solve, as part of a larger simulation project. The simulator is controlled by a host computer and linked to the ASTi DACS unit via an Ethernet connection running IP protocol.

There are two operator positions. Each operator must have the following communication facilities:

  • Single FM radio.
  • Radio frequency must be tunable.
  • Radio squelch level must be adjustable.
  • The radio will be positioned to Geodetic co-ordinates (latitude, longitude, and altitude).
  • A simulation specific intercom link is required between each operator.
  • Operator has a Communication Control Panel (CCP) through which all audio is routed.
  • The CCP has controls for:
    • Radio volume.
    • Overall operator volume.
    • Sidetone volume.
    • Transmit selection for radio and/or intercom.
  • The operator must key a PTT switch to enable transmission.
  • A stall warning tone is required which will be enabled under host control.

Additionally the environment must contain a transmitter broadcasting a preset ATIS message on a fixed frequency, at a geodetic position. 

Comms Environment Diagram