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Why don't I hear sidetone on my Voisus Client headset? How do the Voisus Client and Voisus server communicate with each other? How can I share my comm plan? During the cold start process, are my network settings saved in a backup file? In Radio Bridge > Remote Control, why are some status items being displayed as ‘Unavailable’? What is the Voisus software loading on the client and server? How many client operators can connect to one server? Can Voisus Client radios interact with all other DIS radios on the network? How do I connect intercom busses across multiple Targets? What format do my sound files need to be? What are the main differences between the ACU2 and the ACE-RIU? What is the typical ACENet latency time for voice transmission? Can I use more than one source for host control? (Example: Instructor host system and simulation host system with separate IP addresses) Can I use the Studio Development Workstation or VM as a stand-alone development platform? There is no audio coming from the ACENet device. What should I check? (Telestra) How do I install/upload a Telestra Options File to the system? How can I change my DIS settings to meet DMO Requirements? What are the effects of the background noise environment when taking spectral plots for Level D certification? How can I test the Telestra's memory if my system is acting up? How is ASTi planning for obsolescence issues and long-term support on major programs? How do I set DIS Entity Attach in ACE Studio What does that T4H part number mean? PDI, IAVA, CVE, RHSA, etc. What is the difference and what do they mean to me? The ASTi SCC Non-Compliance Supplement Report lists PDIs. What is a PDI? What does ASTi provide in terms of Information Assurance? Does ASTi provide the Red Hat STIG Benchmark, Manual content or SCAP Tools? Can I Secure Shell (SSH) into the system? What about SFTP and SCP? How can I force stringent password policy compliance right out of the box? The OS keeps rejecting my password. What do I need to do? I can’t log into my Telestra Target, Telestra Studio, or Voisus Server platform. How can I reset my account? Previously: My account is locked, what can I do? What do all these security acronyms mean? Where can I find a copy of the ASTi ATO? How can I check a particular package's changelog to see if a patch is installed? How can I tell what packages are installed on the system? Why can't I login as root? Are Telestra and Voisus DIS compliant? Can I network ASTi systems? How do I minimize network bandwidth usage? What effect does network bandwidth have on communications? What is the network bandwidth for an active voice stream? How can I reduce the network bandwidth consumption of the radio transmission? How does the simulated radio environment work? How do I know if the simulated radio is receiving? I'm not receiving from another radio, what could be wrong? I'm not receiving from another radio, what could be wrong? How do I share a simulated radio between two or more operators? Can I save money by supplying my own server? Tunability: Are multiple levels of radio behavior/fidelity available? Can ASTi provide advice and recommendations for speaker cable, and do you have any specific “dos” and “don'ts” related to speaker cable? What else do I need if I buy an ASTi radio system? What should I consider when designing an ASTi communications and aural cue system? Can my Ethernet switch run at 10 or 100Mbps? Can I connect my ACU2 and ACE-RIU to the same ACENet switch? Do you have a list of approved switches that have been tested by ASTi? If a Crown amplifier is present on ACENet, will it support more than one Telestra system? Can I daisy chain switches together to extend the distance from the ASTi system to the ACENet audio device (i.e. ACU2/ ACE-RIU)? Can I connect a router between my ASTi system and the ACENet audio device route ACENet packets over a WAN? Can I use a hub instead of a Switch? I use to have your Crown® amplifiers, but I recently switched to you Ashly™ amplifiers. What do I need to know? Can I Plug Normal Things into Power-over-Ethernet Switches? Why does my ACENet device have a 'Duplicate Device Number' error? What is a Device Number? While trying to upgrade the firmware on a single ACENet device it repeatedly fails. This ACENet device also happens to be the conductor (denoted by the green star next to the device in RMS). There are several ACENet devices attached to a Target while no project is currently running. What is wrong? Can I connect my ASTi system directly to the ACU2 and ACE-RIU? I received an error while upgrading my ACENet firmware, what does this mean? My ACENet device channels have valid digital/analog I/O, but there is no audio I/O. What is wrong? What effect does the number of ACENet devices have on the Target's real-time CPU loading? Is there a limit on the number of ACENet devices that can exist on the ACENet network? Why does my ACENet device have a 'Channel reservation error'? Can multiple Targets share channels on an ACENet device? Can multiple Targets co-exist on an ACENet network? My switch can be configured to run various advanced protocols such as: 802.1p, 802.1q, port priority, spanning tree, etc. Can I use these protocols? Are they required? Can I use VLAN tagging within ACENet? I have a large switch (48 ports for example) and would like to use part of that switch for ACENet. Is that feasible? There is no audio coming from the ACENet device, what should I check?