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Telestra Tutorials

The tutorials will cover the basis from a simple sine wave to creating radio models. These hands-on exercises build upon each other in a sense that a certain level of knowledge is assumed as you work your way through the exercises.

Please note that these tutorials do not take the place of an ASTi training course. ASTi recommends a three-day training course which includes intensive hardware and software familiarization, and model building assistance oriented to the your specific application.

Sine Wave Tutorial

Learning the basics building a simple sine wave.

Signal Mixing Tutorial

Mixing up to eight signals into a single composite signal.

Vox Control over Audio Input Signal

Allowing voice activated or push-to-talk (PTT) control over an audio input signal.

Playsound Model

Using the sound library and creating a playsound model.

Two Operators using Intercoms

Operating on four busses using a PTT switch with the CommPanel component.

Two Operators using Local Radios

Using the Radios in the simplest form.

Comms Model Workflow using Helpers

Creating a radio model with hand-held terminals (HHTs) using Studio Helpers.